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Side Mouldings Installation Instructions

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Side Mouldings Installation Instructions

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How to Install Body Side Moulding

- car cleaning products (wax/grease remover or water+alcohol (50/50) solution)
- tape measure/ruler, pen/marker
- masking tape

Time needed: 15 minutes approx.


Step 1:

Make sure the area is clean and degreased (you can use general car cleaning products or water/alcohol solution)



after cleaning....


Step 2:

See approximate assembling dimensions provided. Use regular masking tape/scotch tape to stick measurements/stripes to help in positioning the mouldings.

Put masking tape along. If possible, have someone to help lining it up. From a distance, visually check and make sure the masking tape is straight.

Tip: You can try the mouldings on the car - keeping the self-adhesive protective foil on the mouldings, stick them on using another piece of masking tape.


Step 3

Remove the colour protective tape from the moulding without touching the adhesive surface.

Step 4

Fix the mouldings starting from the center post and move towards the bumper.

Step 5

Press the mouldings firmly against the car body along the adhesive tape

...and the front one...

Repeat the same for other side