Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will it fit … and do they come colour coded (painting)?

2. Delivery and shipping

3. Payments

Will it fit … and do they come colour coded (painting)?

Q: Hello, how much would a painted set of door protectors be?
A:We do colour coded sets at an extra cost. Please see 'Custom Colour Painting' page for details on =prices and times for deliveries.

Q: Can I spray paint the set myself?
A: technically yes, but this will invalidate the warranty and no returns will be accepted. (A successful paint job requires suitable materials and technology combined with painting experience of PU based composites).

Q: Hello, can you tell me the length and height of these mouldings please?
A: Please let us know the reason you require the sizes, or if you are looking for a set for any specific car make and model, let us know, as we may already developed a set for it but it is not on the website.

Q: How are the mouldings fitted
A: Installation is quite easy and simple and can be done as a 'DIY' job. It takes approx. 20 minutes. No drilling is required as the mouldings are attached with two-side strong adhesive tape. This does not affect your vehicle warranty (as neither would a 'GB' sticker if you go abroad)

Q:I'll looking for side mouldings to fit a 2012/13 (car make and model here). Your website shows mouldings only for the hatch version of the car. Are you able to supply for the estate?
A: Please drop us a line here.

Q: (Car model here) door mouldings in chrome and price please? thank you.
A: We do not do chrome plating. All the mouldings come in plain black as standard or can be colour coded (see above)

Delivery and shipping

Q: Hi I want to know if you deliver to …(country). and how much is the delivery?
A: Please see the 'Delivery' page here for prices and destinations

Q: Where is my nearest supplier?
A: Please see the 'Stores' page here where you can search by postcodes (page under development)


Q: Can I use pay with my credit or debit card? 
A: We accept most of the payment cards. Please see the 'Secure payment' page here for details and guidance how to complete the payment.

Q: Can I pay over the phone ?
A: No.


modified: 2013/02/04